Xbox app (Beta) for Windows 10 shows up early -
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Xbox app (Beta) for Windows 10 shows up early

With the new Windows 10 experience coming to Xbox soon, it only makes sense that the Xbox experience for Windows 10 starts making itself known. It seems that the Xbox (Beta) app has briefly appeared in the Windows Store (first spotted by a user on Reddit). We were unable to download the app, and it's definitely not ready to actually function yet. That being said, the fact that it has slipped out into the public so close to the talk about the Windows 10 experience on Xbox must mean that we'll be seeing a proper release of Xbox for Windows 10 in the very near future.
The new Xbox experience for Windows 10 seems like it will be a very strong addition to the Xbox ecosystem, allowing users to create parties between PC and Xbox, maintain the same friends list, and essentially treat their PC like an Xbox One. PC users playing games like Gigantic and Fable Legends will also be able to jump right into the game with players using their Xbox Ones, so the synergy between PC and Xbox One should be entirely seamless.

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