Xbox 360 users seem hesitant about purchasing an Xbox One, even with the cheaper $399 option

Xbox 360 users seem hesitant about the Xbox One according to a survey

According to a survey done by, it turns out Xbox 360 owners aren’t interested in purchasing the Xbox One. A Kinect-less Xbox One will hit store shelves June 9, for $399. Only 21% of users said that they’re most likely to upgrade or buy the Xbox One after the price cut, but rest of the 79% still aren’t interested.

“This could mean one of a few different things: A) Users think $399 is still too much for the Xbox One, especially without the Kinect; B) These players have become happier with their 360; Or C) They don’t really know what they want,” wrote DealNews features editor Benjamin Glaser.

This price cut and unbundling of the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One console was intended to boost the sales figure, enough to give Xbox One the edge in the United States and Canada before the end of 2016, explained Lewis Ward, Research Director, Gaming at IDC last month. This may not look like the case, according to this survey.

For what its worth, only 927 people participated in this survey. How do you feel about the $399 Kinect-less Xbox One option?

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