Xbox 360 continues to dominate in market share over PS3 and Wii for 26 consecutive months

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In an official company blog post, Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox entertainment console is still number one in market share as of February 2013 and has been number one for 26 consecutive months!

Microsoft revealed that the Xbox 360 console sold 302,000 units in just February of 2013, making the device the number one selling console in the United States for 26 consecutive months. In fact, the Xbox 360 holds 41% of the current-generation console sales and continues to maintain the number one console spot in the United States, when compared to the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3. Total retail spending on the Xbox 360 platform during February 2013 was said to be "most for any console in the U.S." but Microsoft did not reveal an actual dollar amount. Popular games include 'Crysis 3,' 'Aliens: Colonial Marines,' 'Dead Space 3,' 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' and 'NBA 2K13,' all of which were on the Xbox 360. So there you have it. 26 consecutive months as the top console, what an accomplishment!

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