XBMC squashes bugs in 12.3 update, one step closer to Gotham

XBMC squashes bugs in 12.3 update, one step closer to Gotham

Yes, today is a holiday, so you shouldn't expect much in the way of news. However HTPC darling XBMC has pushed an update, moving to version 12.3 of its software/operating system. The program has come a long way from its roots -- the name came from a mashup of Xbox and Media Center, two Microsoft products which are now headed in vastly different directions.

Version 12.3 doesn't pack in spiffy new features, but it does fix bugs that had become an annoyance for the many HTPC users who run it. It also moves the software one step closer to version 13.0, which will be known as Gotham (for now you are running Frodo, if you care to know). "The list of fixes contain several bug fixes that are back-ported from the ongoing development from our 13.0 Gotham release. The list only contains fixes that are deemed critical and are relatively easy to apply to the Frodo 12.2 release without risking stability regressions", the team announces today.

The fixes include -- enhancements to OS X Mavericks compatibility, updated DVR add-ons, fixes for DVR bugs, an attempt to strangle the memory leaks, audio channel mapping and various other bugs that reside behind the scenes. The latest Apple operating system was the big one here, as the developers point out that Mavericks wreaked a bit of havoc with the software. In fact, it's the main reason 12.3 was pushed out -- "in addition to forcing us to release a 12.3 version, we’ve learned that 10.9 appears to have reset security settings".

If you maintain a home theater computer that runs XBMC then you'll certainly want to update it. If you are running the software from within Mavericks then there are some settings changes you'll need to make. Those are outlined by XBMC, and you can find them in the link below.

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