XBMC 12.0 for Windows and Android Beta 2 released

XBMC, a free award winning and open source software media player and entertainment hub designed for digital media, has reached version 12 and a beta is now available for all to download. XBMC is a unique media player that has seen over 50 software developers contributing to its development.

So what’s new in Beta 2? Aside from a new platform being supported (Android), there is also other fixes and feature additions including support for the Xbox 360 controller and a fix to an audio issue in Windows. “We are excited to announce Beta 2 of XBMC 12 today, as it brings with it many fixes and one long awaited major update. As you know, XBMC currently supports OSX, Linux, Windows, iOS, and the ARM-based Raspberry Pi. That’s a great list, but anyone paying attention could tell you that a massive, critical platform is still missing. Well, Scott Davilla and Cory Fields (theuni) have been working tirelessly to bring one more platform to the fold. And we’re all excited to say that we are finally ready to release the very first beta of XBMC for Android,” the XBMC developers stated on their official site.

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