The X-Surface, it doesn’t exist, but you fell for it

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How funny. It seems earlier today an anonymous tipster claimed to be a Microsoft Employee and completely made up details about the alleged Xbox Surface tablet that’s supposed to launch later this year. The plan was to see how easy it was to trick tech and game blogs into thinking they had some juicy details regarding this unreleased product, and it seems the plan worked very well, as some of the blogs actually ran the article.

The X-Surface, it doesn't exist, but you fell for it January 23, 2013

In an blog post by the creator of the hoax, he outlines that he “made up every single word of it along with a couple of specs copied from other rumours that have been appearing on the Internet.”

After one major website ran the article, others also saw the news and ran it too. That’s how the blogging industry works when it comes to reporting, so it’s quite easy to spread false information.

Now, you may be thinking, how did this news get out? Did they have proof of him being a Microsoft Employee? Well, no. He just said he was.

Sure, this was a little naughty, but it proves a point. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially if its from an anonymous tipster or analyst.

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