Wunderlist suffers sync issues, users unable to see their lists, fix “getting closer”


Wunderlist and the Wunderlist app has long been known as a great way to great way to help you capture your ideas, things to do, and places to see. Microsoft recently acquired 6Wunderkinder, the makers of Wunderlist, but for the past day users of the service have been experiencing sync issues. The Wunderlist support team is notifying worried users that a fix “getting closer.”

As seen above, word on the fix was first spread on the Wunderlist Support Twitter page.  The update comes as a change from earlier in the day when the Wunderlist Status Page reported that they were still unable to give a definite ETA on when sync issues would be resolved. The problem stems from a database performance issue:

The problem stems from a performance issue with our tasks database. We’re working on optimizing our database before we get it up and running again. Your data is safe—we just can’t sync it to your devices right now.

Wunderlist Support, however, notes that your data is safe although they can’t sync it to your devices right now. They also warn you not to log out of your lists on a mobile device as logging out will mean that you will not be able to re-access your lists until the problem is resolved. Until a fix is delivered, be sure to stay tuned to this web page, as updates will be delivered there live as they occur.

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