Writer Maxie McCoy uses the new Office Research and Editor tools to write a book

Seems finding a millennial touting the virtues of a Microsoft product or service these days is about as rare as spotting a Lumia 1020 in a crowd if smartphone users. However, Maxie McCoy, inspirational writer, speaker and self-proclaimed millennial expert happens to be that diamond in the rough.

When describing how the new editing tools introduced into Microsoft’s Word program, Word Researcher and Word Editor, helped her wrap up her latest book proposal, she exuberantly explains, “I live in Office. Always. Period.”

If you’re writing for the web, you just hyperlink your source because that’s how it works on blog posts and various digital sites. But then when you move back to longer form writing, whether it’s a proposal or a release, or what is going to be a book, I couldn’t tell you how to cite something appropriately. That’s where Researcher can save the day.”

McCoy’s experience is indicative of a lot of writers these days, where content and timing sometimes gets prioritized over long form research, but with the addition of Word Researcher and Word Editor, writers are now empowered to be both quick and accurate from the same dashboard.

Perhaps the best part about the new additions to Word is the fact it is not limited to only professional writers. Anyone with a cursory interest in writing or communicating via text can take advantage of the tools.

You don’t have to write for a living like Maxie to use Researcher and Editor. They’re there to help anyone communicate more effectively, more easily. And both features are designed to get better with time. Researcher will soon include sources like well-known encyclopedias and history databases and will be available on mobile devices. Editor will continue to improve its current spelling and grammar tools so you can spend your creative time being just that—creative.”

Word Researcher and Word Editor are available now for Office 365 users on Windows PCs and the Office teams assures mobile users the new tools will be hitting devices soon.

As for McCoy, she’s set to tour the world engaging in several speaking and teaching gigs over the next year as well as prepping the release of her upcoming book.

Be on the lookout for both McCoy and creative stylings as well as the new Office 365 editing tools in Word.

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