WPC 2013 attendees can purchase a Surface RT or Pro at a discount too

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WPC 2013

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 is almost upon us, taking place July 7th to the 11th in Houston, Texas. We will see a global gathering of top Microsoft partners who will focus on the “modern life” of technology and attendees can snag a Surface RT or Pro at a discounted price!

Attendees can purchase a Surface RT 64GB with touch cover for $99.99 USD or a Surface Pro 128GB without cover for $399.99 USD. While this may seem like a steal, just remember that an all access conference pass to the event will run you $1,995. So you really make up for it by paying to attend the event.

Microsoft has been on a discount spree with its Surface devices, offering schools a discount on bulk and offering discounted pricing to those attending recent Microsoft events such as TechEd 2013.

On a side note, If you think the Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 will be uneventful, just remember that during the event in 2012, Microsoft announced the exact timeframe of when Windows 8 would reach RTM and when it could be generally available. Let’s see what big announcement Microsoft has for this years event.

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