WP8 Preview Program Alerts app receives new update, fixes bugs and more

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WP8 Preview Program Alerts app for Windows Phone 8 receives update

Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone Preview Program for developers not too long ago, which allows developers to get their hands on operating system updates before the general public. However, we rather not wait for the update to appear or manually check for an update. Why, when you can have an app do it for you!

The WP8 Preview Program Alerts app for Windows Phone 8, which was just updated to version 1.4, alerts you when a new update is available, as part of the Preview Program for developers. The new 1.4 version includes various bug fixes and now includes in-app advertising. You can also show your support by removing the advertisement in three different ways.

“Helps keep you alerted to new releases in the Windows Phone 8 Preview Program. Check your phone against the most recent Preview version, get news and information about recent releases, and push notifications when new builds go live,” the app description reads.

This is a fantastic third-party app that will quickly become your favorite if you enjoy installing the latest operating system updates. The app developer (you can check out his Twitter profile by hitting the VIA link below) also promises an overhaul of the Live tile, making alerts much more convenient. Hit the download link below to snag the app and let us know how you like it!

In order to participate in the Preview Program, you need to meet one of three conditions: your phone is “developer-unlocked,” you’re a registered Windows Phone Store developer, or you’re a registered Windows Phone App Studio developer.

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