Worms Battlegrounds: the ultimate version of Worms is here for Xbox One

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Worms Battlegrounds, the ultimate version of Worms is here for Xbox One

If you are a Worms fan, we got good news for you. Worms battlegrounds is now available on Xbox One. If you have no idea what Worms Battlegrounds is, let me enlighten you. It's a turn-based strategy game. At first, you need to choose your own team of worms, select a class (Heavy, Soldier, Scientist, or Scout), and customize them with different equipment and cosmetics. As soon you're comfortable with the game, you can also make your own battlegrounds with its level editor.

“Thanks to the increased power of the Xbox One hardware, ‘Battlegrounds’ is the ultimate version of ‘Worms’ to play with friends, around one machine or online,” Debbie Bestwick, CEO of British game development studio Team 17, tells Xbox Wire. “‘Worms’ has always been a sociable game to play with friends, and this is the ultimate experience.”

In Worms battlegrounds, you can start your own clans, and work together with friends to make those clans powerful. Clans was one of the most requested feature and it's now available. "It’s actually the first time we’ve properly supported clans as a feature, which is really exciting for everyone who loves playing as a group,” says Bestwick. 

“Worms: Battlegrounds” is now available for Xbox One via [email protected] starting today in Europe and North America.

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