Work and Play bundle now includes 3 months Netflix, but act quickly

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Work and play bundle now includes 3 months netflix, but act quickly

The Work and Play bundle just got a little bit sweeter, as Windows Central notes.  It already includes 12-month subscriptions for Office 365 Home, Wi-Fi and Skype Unlimited World, Xbox Live Gold, and a gift card for $60.  Now Microsoft is also throwing in a 3-month subscription to Netflix.  This particular offer expires June 30.

The bundle will cost you $149, saving you more than $240 over separately purchasing the subscriptions.  If you happen to need at least a couple of them, then it really makes sense to get the bundle.  Even if you’re already subscribing to any of the services, the additional time will simply stack, so you really can’t go wrong.

If you don’t care about Netflix or the gift card, there’s an additional version of the bundle that replaces those two with a 12-month Xbox Music Pass subscription.  Note that this version is only available online, so don’t plan on heading to your local Microsoft Store to pick it up.

Will you be getting this bundle?

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