Word for Windows 10 Mobile gets an update, adds Pin-to-Start functionality

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After yesterday’s updates to Microsoft’s Excel and PowerPoint apps for mobile, Word looks to be receiving the same type of minor update today. Like PowerPoint and Excel Mobile, Microsoft’s Office apps for Windows 10 Mobile devices, Word Mobile is getting an update beginning this morning that adds no new features, except the new menu option to pin a document to the Start screen.

After the other two in the classic Office trio received an update yesterday that enabled a document to be pinned directly to a user’s Start screen, as well as PowerPoint Mobile being able to capture an image using a device’s camera from within the app itself, Word is gaining the pinning ability, and that’s good to see. As Microsoft’s in-app, first-open-after-update changelog, which was captured in a screenshot below for your convenience, 'what’s new in Word’ is that you can “Pin your favorite files to the Start menu to keep them hand.”

Microsoft Word Mobile Pin to Start Screenshot
The on-first-open changelog for Word Mobile

To actually utilize the new feature, you have only to open Word, tap the menu-expand arrow at the right end of the filename, and tap ‘pin to start’, and voila you have a document pinned to Start, easily and directly accessible in the future.

While the addition of document pinning is great to have in a tile-centric interface like one Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is still improving and adding features to its Mobile Office suite, so we’ll have to wait to see what comes next to improve the experience even further.

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