Word for Windows gets the transcribe feature

Kevin Okemwa

Woman using Word for Windows on laptop outside

Microsoft has made it easier for Word users to transcribe audio recordings from meetings or interviews in Windows. The feature will allow you to “convert speech to a text transcript, with each speaker individually separated”.

This feature makes the process of transcribing hassle-free. The feature provides users with two options for users to achieve this task. First up, is that you can record directly in Word. Alternatively, you can upload an audio file.

To access this feature, open Microsoft Word on your Windows PC and allow it to access your Mic. Navigate through Home > Dictate > Transcribe, then select the Start recording in the Transcribe pane. It will start recording the meeting automatically, you can click on the Save and transcribe now option once the meeting ends.

If you already have a recording, you can upload it by navigating through Home > Dictate > Transcribe. At this point select the Upload audio option in the Transcribe pane. You’ll now need to select the file you want to upload from the file picker, then hit the Open button.

It should be noted that the feature currently supports .wav, .mp4, .m4a, and .mp3 formats only and works with 80+ languages. It is rolling out to Beta Channel users running Version 2302 (Build 16107.20000) or later.

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