More women own game consoles than men, survey finds

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In a new report by the Pew Research Center (PRC), women surprisingly outnumber men when it comes to console ownership. Looking over the study, it appears that 42% of females own consoles, compared with 37% of males. It's a slight lead, but it would be interesting to see where and how the PRC collected their findings in this almost month-long study (March 17-April 12, 2015) PRC are not specific on who is winning the console war; only referring to consoles as "Xbox or Playstation."
Survey numbers are fairly steady among community types (urban, suburban, and rural). Not surprisingly, the more money you make, the more likely you will use your extra money on a console. Also, those who have at least some college course under their belts are the most likely to own a console, with 54% leading the pack over other educated people.
Those surveyed aged 18-49 are the highest age group of console ownership. Although, it is important to point out that while most adults own a console, it's more believable that their children play it. No survey yet done on the under 18 crowd.
According to the PRC, "For portable gaming devices, it's still 2009." The PRC apparently is talking about portable gaming devices "such as a PSP and Sega Genesis game player." I can only speculate that they are talking about the GameGear which came out in 1990. While portable game player ownership is at their lowest point than any other device.
Smartphones are quickly gaining traction as approximately 70% of those surveyed own them across all income and education groups, with 86% of those aged 18-29 owning a smartphone. This is the only category where men are ahead of women, with men at 70% and women at 66% for smartphone ownership.
Women are already considered the biggest gaming demographic. Now, it looks like they are steadily gaining a foothold in other electronic device ownership areas, too.

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