Woman from Yemen sues her husband for his WhatsApp messaging addiction

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Woman from yemen sues her husband for his whatsapp messaging addiction

A woman from Yemen has accused her husband for neglecting his marital duties by spending too much time using WhatsApp, a popular messaging service on many mobile platforms including Microsoft's own Windows Phone. WhatsApp is a popular California-based messaging service that has over 400 million active users every month.

The unnamed woman, who is in her 30s, has accused her husband for spending too much time on WhatsApp - going as far as saying that the man is "addicted" to the app. In fact, the woman has taken it to court to ask the judge to make her husband divide his time equally between his wife and his WhatsApp addiction.

No word on what the judge will decide on but perhaps the man has a reason for spending so much time on the app, rather than spending time with his "lovely" wife. Either way, WhatsApp is a pretty popular and addicting service that has recently received an update allowing for the sharing of multiple images and videos in messages. 

For those of you who enjoy using WhatsApp, remember not to neglect your wife or significant other! 

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