Wolfram Alpha releases official Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps for $2.99 USD (Update)

Joseph Finney

Wolfram Alpha has released an official Windows Phone app for 2.99

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine, which means using collections of historic and current data, Wolfram Alpha can deliver an answer to simple and complex questions. Wolfram Alpha also is a very sophisticated calculation engine as well. Problems in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and differential equations, are all within the realm of Wolfram Alpha. Now, Windows Phone users get to leverage the power on their phones.

Getting popular by solving complicated math problems with ease and showing the steps, Wolfram Alpha has expanded their capabilities far beyond mathematics. Questions such as what happened today, how old is Tom Cruise, and more, will generate simple answers. Where the site really shines is in more general questions; as an example, entering Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks will return side by side tables of stats between the two teams. This makes comparing fourth down percentage extremely easy.

Screenshots from the Wolfram Alpha Windows Phone App

Now, Wolfram Alpha has an official app for Windows Phone which costs $2.99 with no available trial. This app works just like the site, but fits phone screens great. The app is fast and feels very well made. In addition to scaling the output to fit the screen, the Wolfram Alpha app also has additional keyboard options which appear above the standard keyboard. With this special keyboard entering complex symbols like Greek letters, mathematical, and scientific symbols, is possible. Grab the app in the Windows Phone store now and try it out yourself. The app is universal, but so far the official Windows app is not appearing in the store.

Update: The Windows 8.1 app has gone live. Purchasing the app on either the phone or Windows store will enable it for download both places, like Microsoft said when talking about universal apps buy once install twice (three times maybe when the Xbox One can install apps)