Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty comes to Game Pass March 2023, with preorders now open

Robert Collins

If you haven’t yet heard of the upcoming soulslike action-RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, that is about to change. The game is being developed by the legendary Team Ninja—the same behind the Dead or Alive fighting game series as well as the later Ninja Gaiden titles. It was first unveiled at the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase back in June.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will come to Xbox Series X|S consoles as a day one Xbox Game Pass title on March 3rd, 2023. The game will incorporate some challenging yet fair combat mechanics and a distinct gameplay world inspired by ancient Chinese myth (taking much influence from the Chinese literary classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms). Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s development is being headed by Fumihiko Yasuda (of Nioh fame) and Masaaki Yamagiwa—the main mind behind the PlayStation 4 hit Bloodborne.

wo long fallen dynasty
Image via Xbox.com.

The pair recently sat down for an interview for Xbox Wire. In the interview the designers discuss the game’s influences as well as give a detailed explanation of the combat mechanics, and more. All of which should be enough to heighten our anticipation of the game’s upcoming release.

In the meantime preorders are now available on the Xbox Store. And don’t forget to check out the new gameplay trailer below.

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Featured image via Xbox.com.