With Microsoft's Cognitive Services, devs can now access Bing Entity Search API, add gesture controls with Project Prague

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In a new blog post, the Azure team has brought out a few new toys for developers to play around with. The big two are the release of the Bing Entity Search API, and the availability of Project Prague, a new set of developer tools that promote the use of gestures in apps.

The Bing Entity Search API is the latest in a series of Microsoft Cognitive Services Search API's, and it hopes to help developers create more interesting experiences that can directly interact with the Bing knowledge base, taking advantage of machine learning.

This API lets you search for entities in the Bing knowledge graph and retrieve the most relevant entities and primary details and information sources about them. This API also supports searching for local businesses in the US. It helps developers easily build apps that harness the power of the web and delight users with more engaging contextual experiences.

If you're looking to get your hands on the service, you can get a free preview subscription free from the official website.

Project Prague hopes to be of more interest to end users, offering them a novel way to interact with applications all across Windows. The collection of tools is built around supporting gestures as a means to interact with software, and it can do some pretty neat stuff, as you see below.

Project Prague also has a website for you to look through, where you can find documentation, watch more videos, and download the SDK. Be sure to look out for apps that make use of this gesture-focused technology in the near future.

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