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WishAppList: Snapchat, YouTube, and other apps wanted on Windows 10 Mobile

Everyone would love to see more apps being developed for Windows 10 PCs and smartphones that take advantage of the platform's features and functionality. Thanks to a tip from Nicholas, we've come across a new website which lets you push publishers to develop their applications on Windows Store.

The website, wishapplist.com, allows you to vote for your favorite desired apps for the Windows Store platform. Then, after a certain number of votes, the WishAppList team will go as far to contact publishers to inform them that a huge number of users want their apps. If being an activist is your thing, the website also allows you to find contact information about publishers to inform them about your disappointment with not finding your favorite app in the Windows Store.  You can even suggest apps for the team at WishAppList to add to their database by clicking here.

Several apps that are popular on non Windows devices have already made the WishAppList main page. At time of writing, SnapChat has over 937 votes,  YouTube has 770 votes, and Instagram has 507 votes.

If you're so inclined, you should head over to wishapplist.com and let your voice be heard. It's not so unusual that developers will respond to user requests, and this seems like an easy way to get something done.

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