Wirelessly transfer files from your Windows Phone to your PC with three new Lumia Apps

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Wirelessly transfer files from your windows phone to your pc with three new lumia appsMicrosoft has released three new applications for Lumia Windows Phone devices, making the ability to transfer files wirelessly from your mobile device to Windows PC even easier. Microsoft notes that the new applications are all designed to provide a better alternative to Bluetooth transfer.

Lumia shareThe first app being released is Lumia Share, which provides a simple way to share your favorite photo moments to a Windows PC running Lumia Storyteller. Just download Lumia Share to your Windows Phone and stream your camera roll and albums to your PC.

The second application, Easy Transfer, allows users to transfer files over Wi-Fi to any PC web Easy transferbrowser. Once connected, users can access their Photo, Music, and Video folder remotely. The application even allows users to stream music and videos to a browser.

Lumia flyerLastly, is Lumia Flyer, which also enables users to transfer, is the third application released, but it introduces an additional layer of security over Easy Transfer. Lumia Flyer requires the user to enter a passcode instead of automatically being able to gain access to your phone’s media. Lumia Flyer also allows you to access document type files in addition to media.

Hit the download buttons below to check out all three applications.

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