Winkle Windows 10 app aims to make ebook publishing easier for writers

Laurent Giret

While popular note-taking apps such as OneNote or Evernote may well pack enough features for most bloggers or writers, professional authors usually rely on more specialized software. For Windows users, several solid options such as Ulysses or Scrinever are already available on the platform, though self-published author Ivan Samokish wants to develop a more focused app for writing novels and exporting them to ebook format.

Samokish has started to work on Winkle, a writing app he has started developing for himself because he was “never fully satisfied with the software on the market today.” The app is still a work in progress, but the developer is focused on designing a simple and elegant UI for writers that don’t want to be overwhelmed by power-user features they don’t really need. Here are some of the main features that the app will support:

  • Autosave to selected directory/folder
  • Ebook export tool (export to EPUB, MOBI and IBOOK format)
  • Ebook preview panel (see how your ebook looks and edit it live)
  • Built-in dictionary/thesaurus
  • Notes panel (add notes throughout your work)
  • Tabbed notes (divide your work into Projects and Chapters)
  • Available for Windows only (and hopefully for Mac later on)
  • FREE to use (*donate to remove startup popup & export signature*)


If you’re willing to give Winkle a try, you have until December 31 to register as a beta-tester for the beta version which be released in January 2017. The app will be free to use, though those of you who wants to support the developer and remove the startup popup and export signature will be invited to donate a minimum of $1. Head over to Samokish’s website if you want to sign up for the beta version of Winkle.