Windows Thin PC hits RTM

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Windows Thin PC, built from Windows Embedded Standard 7 and is designed to provide a generalized version of the lightweight Embedded OS that is typically used in kiosks and various other embedded systems, will be available to Software Assurance customers starting July 1.

As ZDNet reports, Microsoft announced that Windows Thin PC, or WinTPC for short, has been released to manufacturing and will be available to Software Assurance customers starting July 1.

Microsoft describes WinTPC as a “locked-down version of Windows 7” with a user interface similar to the comnpany’s Windows 7 operating system. WinTPC also has a few security features found in Windows 7 such as BitLocker and AppLocker.

WinTPC only allows applications that can run on terminal emulation and Remote Desktop Services. It can also run applications based on the .NET Framework and Java VM. WinTPC also supports document viewers, instant messenger clients, media players, and web browsers. Microsoft plans on adding Forefront Endpoint Protection support for WinTPC in the third quarter of this year.

“WinTPC is designed to be a thin client device, and therefore only applications that fall into the certain categories are enabled. These categories include security, management, terminal emulation, Remote Desktop and similar technologies, web browsers, media players, instant messaging clients, document viewers, NET Framework and Java Virtual Machine. If customers want to locally run productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, or any other application that does not fall into the categories mentioned above, they would be better off using a PC, as thin client computing may not be the best fit for their scenarios,” says Microsoft on the uses for WinTPC.

Microsoft released a Release Candidate a month ago and was available for all beta testers, however, the RTM will only be for volume license customers with Software Assurance only.

You can also download the WinTPC FAQ for further details on the operating system.

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