Windows team acknowledges WiFi issues in most recent Insider builds, actively working on a fix

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Windows 10 Insiders were treated to new releases for both PCs and mobile devices today in the form of build 14372. The new versions brought with it a new Evernote extension for Edge for PCs and, for both mobile and PC, a handful of fixes and optimizations. Unfortunately, a persisting bug that many Insiders have begun to experience remains and the Windows team is well aware of the frustration.

Over the past two build release including 14366 & 14367 and now today’s addition of 14372, Insiders have and may continue to experience a WiFi dropping issue on their device. More than 215 Insiders have chimed in on the issue and the Windows team is acknowledging that in their release notes: there is an issue and Insiders are encouraged to visit the Microsoft forums for more details.

Based on the feedback in the forum, the WiFi drop appears to be mainly on mobile devices and varies from the range of Lumia smartphones. Unfortunately, there has yet to be a fix or workaround put into place. The Windows team would, however, appreciate the feedback from anyone who is suffering from the drop in WiFi and encourages users to provide as much detail regarding each incident, presumably to apply a fix or workaround for the next build release.

Hello Insiders,

We're investigating reports of users saying their Wi-Fi randomly drops from their mobile device.

Symptoms seem to vary a bit, so we'd like to gather some details:

  •  Device make/model
  • Firmware revision number [ Settings > system > about > more info]
  • Type of network (home, work, public hotspot)
  • Network frequency (2.4ghz, 5ghz, etc.)
  • Recovery:  How do you fix it?  (Toggle Wi-Fi on/off?  Reboot phone?  Other?)
  • Any other details you believe to be relevant

If you have submitted this issue in the Feedback Hub (or added a +1 to an existing submission), please share thank link here as well so we can collate them together.

Thank you as always!

- Jason

With as quickly as the Windows team has been gathering, analyzing, and implementing feedback, a fix for the WiFi dropping bug could be only days away. Let us know as well if you’ve experienced the issue and if you’ve developed your own workaround.

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