Windows tablets and phones receive mobile POS support from eMobile app

eMobile POS, a free app that turns Windows tablets or phones into full-featured points of sales systems, is announcing its support for Windows mobile devices. Mobile POS (point of sale) is a quickly emerging industry as retailers, factories, restaurants, delivery services and other businesses look to transform their workflows. Rather than forcing the customer to a specified location, mobile POS systems can capture a transaction wherever it ‘needs’ to be.

eMobile POS comes equipped with inventory control, product details, mobile payers and more importantly, the ability to work offline. Users of eMobile POS will also benefit from its ability to process credit cards, checks and cash control price, show inventory, all while sending an email and or print receipts.

During the Windows Phone development cycle, the ecosystem missed out on POS app support from businesses such as Square and Intuit. Fortunately, eMobile POS is filling in that gap for Windows users who require a mobile POS solution. In addition to Windows Phone support, eMobile also allows users to use a broad range of peripherals and payment processors of their choosing. eMobile also supports integration with QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics for better tracking and reporting. Lastly, eMobile is a true cross platform solution that can be found in the Apps Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

The app is free and available today.

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