Windows Store for Windows 8.1 opens up new dev opportunities with PayPal, Adobe and more

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During the Build 2013 Developer Conference, Microsoft unveiled Windows 8.1 to the masses. It has been 8 months since the release of Windows 8 back in October of 2012. The new Windows Store in Windows 8.1 brings forth new developer opportunities thanks to the addition of several key features and new design.

“With a new design, new developer features and new promotional opportunities, we’re making the Windows Store an even better platform for app builders to monetize their creations,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. So what exactly is Microsoft planning with the new Windows Store?

According to Microsoft, Adobe is planning on bringing the Digital Publishing Suite to Windows 8.1 devices later this year. “Publishers and brands will be able to design and publish content to devices such as the Microsoft Surface, and designers can use DPS to create all kinds of dynamic and interactive apps,” Microsoft explains. The software giant will likely go in-depth on this as the time of release nears.

Microsoft has made it easier for developers to convert their HTML5/Javascript website into a Windows Store app with hardly any new code additions, as demonstrated with the Khan Academy app from the Windows Store. Microsoft also touts PayPal’s SDK as an opportunity for developers to integrate the payment service into their app.

Microsoft also mentions that Unity Pro 4, a popular game development platform, has announced commercial support for the Windows Store. “Unity Pro developers will receive a free license to build, and get support for Windows and Windows Phone. In addition, developers with Microsoft Studios publishing agreements will have free access to Unity tools for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, inclusive of support for enhanced Kinect gestures and SmartGlass,” Microsoft explained.

Developers who want to create something amazing on Windows 8 will soon be able to, thanks to these new additions. The Windows Store will hopefully grow in quality apps.

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