Windows Store on Windows 8.1 now lets you redeem gift cards or promotional codes

Windows Store

Microsoft has apparently rolled out the ability to redeem gift cards or promotional codes via the Windows Store. This feature is great as it allows one to enter a gift card code to use towards app or game purchases, without having to tie in your Credit Card information.

This feature is neat because you avoid adding your Credit Card details to the Windows Store, especially if you have kids who use the Windows 8 device. Last thing you need is your child purchasing apps and games and eating up all your money via the Windows Store. With this new option, you can simply use gift cards or promotional codes of certain amounts to make purchases.

Hopefully soon we can purchase Windows Store gift cards of various amounts, allowing users to redeem the card via the Windows Store. Apple and Google already utilize this method so it only makes sense if Microsoft jumps on board this idea. No word on if the Windows Phone Store will see a similar feature.

It makes sense that we might see Windows Store gift cards soon, seeing as how this feature has just been added to the Windows Store in preparation for the launch of Windows 8.1 on October 17th. Microsoft has yet to officially announce any sort of Windows Store gift card option just yet, so stay tuned!

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