Windows Store reaches new milestone, now has over 50,000 apps for Windows 8/RT -
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Windows Store reaches new milestone, now has over 50,000 apps for Windows 8/RT

Windows Store

Microsoft's Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows RT has reached a new milestone, crossing over the 50,000 app mark. Windows 8 has been available for a little over four months now, so having 50,000 apps in the Store thusfar is a good thing.

MetroStore Scanner, a free tool available to everyone online, is now reporting that there are over 50,300 apps in the Windows Store, for both Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as different languages. This is an amazing feat for Microsoft, if you overlook quality over quantity, which we covered here when the Store reached the 40K milestone.

According to the stats listed on MetroStore Scanner's website, the Windows Store has seen a decline in apps being submitted since October of 2012. While some may agree that 50,000 apps is a great feat, others will argue that Microsoft needs to launch some soft of incentive for app developers to push more apps to the store.

Just recently, Microsoft revealed that the software giant would be offering $100 per app that gets approved by the software giant, in an attempt to entice Windows 8 and Windows Phone app developers. This is yet another tactic from the company to elicit more participation from app developers and to increase the software giant's app inventory for its two major platforms.

Are you impressed by this new milestone?

Windows Store

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