Windows Store Gift Cards detailed in leaked image, arrives with Windows 8.1 on Oct 18th

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Windows Store Gift Card

Just recently, we learned that Microsoft had apparently rolled out the ability to redeem gift cards or promotional codes via the Windows Store. This feature obviously is great as it allows one to enter a gift card code to use towards app or game purchases, without having to tie in your Credit Card information.

Now, according to a new screengrab (pictured above) that was sent our way, Windows Store Gift Cards will be available in-store when Windows 8.1 is launched on October 18th. The gift cards will be available in $10, $25, and $50 (USD) increments. 

“Windows Store Gift Cards will be seen in-store with the launch of Windows 8.1 and can be used to purchase apps, games, and more. They are an excellent attach opportunity and should be recommended with every Windows device,” the screengrab states.

These gift cards can be redeemed to a single Microsoft Account that consumers can use across multiple products, such as Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, and the Xbox Store.

Since this detail comes from unofficial sources and Microsoft has yet to officially reveal a “Windows Store gift card”, we are keeping the above information labeled as a rumor. 

Update: Microsoft has responded to this story and stated that they have nothing more to share on the Windows Store Gift Cards at this time beyond what has already been disclosed by the company in the Windows 8.1 Preview Developer Product Guide.

That guide basically states that one can purchase stored value as a card with a redeemable code from third-party brick and mortar stores. You can also send or give a specified amount of Windows Store credit as a gift to someone else. And finally, you can save redeemed credit with a Microsoft account for later use.

This pretty much confirms that there will be a Windows Store card for purchase.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!

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