Windows Store experiencing issues updating apps, throwing error code 0x80246019

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Today, Microsoft released a number of updates to some of its apps, including Skype, Photos, Mail and Calendar, and the Store itself. Unfortunately, these updates are being met with issues with, well, updating them.

When downloading the updates via the Windows Store, many users are receiving the error codeĀ 0x80246019 and finding that they are unable to install the updates. The issue appears to be widespread, with reports pouring in to the Feedback Hub. It's not clear if this issue is only affecting the apps mentioned above, as no reports mention any other apps so far.

In some cases, rapidly pausing and resuming the update, or cancelling the update and reopening the Store app, can kick the update to start, this is not always the case, however - and we only managed to get it to start the Skype update, but none of the other apps.

For now, the best bet is to report the issue in the Feedback Hub and allow the issue to resolve itself (hopefully soon).

Are you experiencing similar issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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