Windows Store exceeds one-thousand Windows 8 apps

Zac Bowden

It was only a couple of days ago when we reported that the Windows Store had surpassed 850 apps, and today it seems it’s reached yet another achievement. According to McAkins, the Windows Store now has over 1000 apps, which means the Store is growing at an incredible speed.


McAkins has been keeping a very close eye on the Windows Store since it launched with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and has found that the Windows Store now has over 1000 apps (1004 to be exact). We know this number won’t stay for long, since it’s only been a few days since we last reported the number of the store, and already it has grown by over 150 apps.

The Store could well reach over 1500, or maybe even 2000 apps within this month, giving it plenty of launch apps when Windows 8 finally hits the shelves in October.