Windows Store app highlight: Windows 8 Cheat Keys, use Windows 8 like a pro

Want to use Windows 8 like a pro, but just don’t know how? Well, Windows 8 Cheat Keys will help you get started! This app is available from the Windows Store for free, and will introduce you to a world of awesome keyboard shortcuts, making your Windows 8 experience far more awesome than it already is!

Windows 8 Cheat Keys

Windows 8 Cheat Keys will download new keyboard shortcuts everyday, which means it’s always updating with new information. We will admit, the app hasn’t stood up to the Metro design language very well, it could use lots of work, but the app does what it says on tin, offers a wide range of cool keyboard shortcuts that you’ll benefit from.

The app is available for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, so get downloading!

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