Windows Store app highlight: Vector ArtStudio, a touch-friendly vector graphics and illustration tool

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Vector ArtStudio

Looking for an app in the Windows Store that allows you to design vector graphics and create illustrations, all while being touch-friendly? Vector ArtStudio is a great app that runs for $7.99 in the Windows Store, and runs on Windows 8 and Windows RT.

“This application was developed exclusively for Windows Store and takes advantage of Windows 8 and Windows RT new user interface to provide best graphics editing experience on tablet devices. The app allows you to put on the drawing canvas everything from simple predefined shapes such as rectangles, ellipses and lines to complex free-shaped figures that can be drawn by hand or created in spline editor. You can insert pictures to your drawings as well. It’ also possible to set any paper size, measure units, grid and snap settings for the page,” the app description reads.

This app features unlimited undo/redo feature, the ability to group and arrange the layout of shapes, create solid and gradient fills, and create various line dash patterns, and much more. You can save your drawings to your hard drive, export to a png, jpg, or svg file format, print, or share via the Share charm. This app is designed to work beautifully with touch, pen, mouse, or keyboard. Perfect for your new Surface Pro! The app costs $7.99 and you can run the trial version of this app, but you cannot save your work. Hit the download link below to grab this app!

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