Windows Store app highlight: Slacker Radio, updated and re-launched to challenge all comers

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Slacker Radio has unveiled a new, overhauled app, with a sleek and modern user interface to challenge rival Pandora, and other streaming music services such as Spotify, and Rdio.

Windows Store app highlight: Slacker Radio, updated and re-launched to challenge all comers February 14, 2013

Employing real DJs to bring a human touch to their radio stations, Slacker Radio attempts to give the listener an experience that more closely resembles listening to old fashion radio, but, with the ability to add a personal touch.

According to Slacker’s press release, “Slacker works directly with record labels to offer a massive music library of more than 13 million songs, with new tracks added daily. Listeners can also personalize their experience with the industry’s deepest customization tools and easily add news, sports and talk from ABC and ESPN. Slacker’s team of expert music curators also constantly update Slacker’s more than 200 genre and specialty stations so the music is always new, fresh and surprising.”

The new Slacker Radio interface for Windows 8 and Windows RT incorporates the Modern UI style, and features a live tile that displays the title of the currently playing song. Controls that allow the user to play/pause, skip, favorite, and ban a track are readily accessible on the screen in the Now Playing section, and can be accessed in the other sections by pulling down from the top of the screen or right clicking. Along with the Now Paying section the app also offers a Get to Know Slacker section, a Slacker Spotlight section, Top Stations, Genres, and a Talk, News& Sports section.

Users who do not have a Slacker Radio account will be limited as to how long they can listen to the service, so make sure you head over to to open an account.

So, there you have it, Slacker Radio, for your listening pleasure, it’s in the Windows Store, check it out!

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