Windows Store app highlight: SafeHouse, organize and protect your personal information

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SafeHouse app

Looking for an app that safely stores your personal information and compliments your Windows RT or Windows 8 device? SafeHouse is a free app available in the Windows Store that encrypts your data with a personal code and lets you save all kinds of personal information from prying eyes.

"SafeHouse is an easy to use app for saving personal information. In the app you can save whatever data you want, it's all up to you. There are default items for saving Username/Password, Banking account and Insurance data. All the data is encrypted with your personal code, which you provide when the app launches. This code is the only one you will ever need to remember," the app description reads.

SafeHouse saves your data within your Microsoft Account and lets you access the same data from different devices. This app features the ability to save personal information while encrypting it with your own personal code. You can customize the app as well as easily copy your data. The app is free and you can hit the download link below to grab it from the Windows Store!

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