Windows Store app highlight: Hangman HD, classic word guessing game for Windows 8



“Hangman is a classic word guessing game in which you try to guess letters in order to uncover a hidden word. You only have a few guesses before you are hanged as each incorrect letter draws out another part of your stick figure. This app has a very clean and user friendly interface that displays a custom keyboard allowing you to easily see which letters are still available for selection,” the app description reads. Users can select from numerous categories including World Countries, Foods, Animals, Famous Movies, Body Parts, Famous People, Unbeatable Hangman Words, Basic English, and Advanced English. This app features a clean and easy to use interface, the ability to save your stats, a button to “Ask Wikipedia” to learn about a word, and two player mode. For those that didn’t know, this app was popular on Windows Phone with over 200,000+ downloads. Head over to the source link below to grab Hangman HD for Windows 8 or Windows RT.