Windows Store app highlight: gMusic, Google Play Music for Windows 8 and Windows RT

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gMusic, now there’s a place to put those 20,000 Justin Bieber tracks you’ve collected over the years. But first you’ll need a Google Play Music account.

gMusic comes to Windows 8 as a well thought out application that helps to manage up to 20,000 of your favorite songs in the Google Play Music cloud. From the Home screen you can select your tracks by Playlists, Artist, Albums, and Genres. Under each selection there are tiles that display either the album art from one of the songs, the name of the playlist, artist, album, or genre, the total time, and the number of tracks. To view these areas separately, simply swipe down from the top of the screen or right click to access the selections and then tap or click on your preference to open it.

The controls are located at the bottom left of the screen and are very basic; play, skip back, and skip ahead. Tapping or clicking on the “More” button gives the user the added ability to Search, Shuffle, Repeat all, and keep the screen on. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

So, there you have it, gMusic, customizable music storage in the cloud, it’s in the Windows Store, check it out!

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