Windows Store app highlight: Free Movies, a free movie app for Windows 8 and Windows RT

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Free Movies

Free Movies does exactly what its title says. It allows Windows 8 and Windows RT users to watch full length movies on their connected devices for free. There are no hidden costs, and the movies are presented without commercial interruption.

The app is simple in both design and function, and movies are listed by genre; Comedy, Family, Drama, Action/Adventure, Horror, Cartoons, etc. The movie quality is surprisingly good, and movies can be expanded to run full screen. To watch a movie simply tap or click the movie icon to bring up the movie synopsis, and then tap or click on “watch”.

As to be expected, the movie selection is limited to older movies, but there are some gems to be found such as “Kung Fu Hustle”, and “The 6th Day”. So, there you have it, Free Movies, a free movie app for your Windows 8 or Windows RT device, it’s in the Widows Store, Check it out!

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