Windows Store app highlight: Email Myself, an easy way to email something to yourself

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Email Myself

Looking for a simple app that allows you to quickly and easily email yourself some text or a link, without having to fumble around with an email app? This app is for you!

“Don’t you hate it when you just want to send yourself a quick email but have to mess around with your regular email app? If so, this app is for you… It allows you to very quickly and easily email yourself. It saves your email address across all your devices and works offline (stores email until you are next online),” the app description reads. Email Myself is a free app that works on Windows 8 and Windows RT and allows for sharing of text and links so you can email content from other apps directly via the share charm. This app works offline and will send an email once you go back online. You can even save your email address across your devices. This app features an advertisement but it doesnt get in the way of productivity. Hit the download link below to grab this app from the Windows Store!

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