Windows Store app highlight: to-dos, a free and easy task reminder for Windows 8/RT

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If you want a to-do list that simply lets you list your to-do’s, and not do everything else short of tap dancing and shining your shoes, then to-dos is the application you’ve been looking for.


With the simplicity of a sticky note, to-dos can be used as a small task list, a checklist, or to simply manage, well, your to-dos! Just type your task into the task-box and press enter, or tap on “add”, and to-dos will place your task in a to-do list that you can see as a live tile right on your start screen. Seriously, that’s it! The most complicated thing about to-dos, is deciding what color you want your display tile to be.

So, there you have it, to-dos, an elegantly simple way to stay on top of things, it’s in the Windows Store, check it out!

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