Windows Store app highlight: Audible, audiobooks for Windows 8 and Windows RT

Enjoy reading but can’t find the time? No worries, try Audible, and listen to your books on the go! The Audible app allows the user to sign-up or sign-in to their Audible account, and downloads books to their devices via a WiFi connection.

The app’s interface is simple and easy to use, and offers chapter navigation, bookmarking, annotations, and multi-channel background downloading. On the Home screen users can enter their library or shop in the Audible store. Purchased books are synced automatically.To open a book simply tap or click on its cover and the book opens to allow the user to read its synopsis and start the narration.

The controls are limited to Play/Pause, a thirty-second replay, and bookmarking. There are no Fast-forward or Fast-rewind buttons. To return to the Home screen simply tap or click the back-arrow, or swipe-down or right -click to open the menu. In the menu users can Pin a book to the start screen, Tag a book as finished, or Remove a book from the device.

So, there you have it, Audible, audiobooks on the go, it’s in the Windows store, check it out!

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