Windows Store app highlight: AppMock, create your Windows 8 app prototype with ease

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Appmock by telerik

Unleash your creativity with this cool new app available for free in the Windows Store for both Windows 8 and Windows RT! AppMock is a great app that lets you design your own Windows 8/RT app prototype with ease!

"Telerik AppMock allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of your Windows Store applications. Providing a rich set of Windows 8 Style tools and components, conveniently grouped in galleries and categories, you can simply drag and drop UI elements onto the design surface to arrange the layout and flow of your application," the app description reads.

AppMock lets users organize their prototypes in pages and projects, as well as run the projects to see their work in action. This app is pretty cool and lets you design your app the way you want. The app also features numerous "galleries" including Interactivity, Buttons, Links, Text/Input, Data Visualization, Media, Layouts, and more.

It's still a new app and lacks a few features but it is one heck of a start. Of course, with time, we expect this app to grow with new features. If you are interested in creating your very first Windows Store app prototype, we highly recommend this app. Hit the download link below to grab it for free!

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