Windows Store app highlight: AnimateIt, create an animated gif with ease

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For all you .gif lovers out there, this app is the perfect compliment to your Windows 8 or Windows RT device. AnimateIt is a free app available in the Windows Store that helps you create an animated gif with ease.

“Create animated gifs from your devices camera or existing photos! Small, blurry, compressed animations are what made the internet the revolution it became. Now you can participate in the magic and become an online legend,” the app description reads.

AnimateIt features the ability to create animated gifs by allowing you to use existing photos or capturing new photos via your device’s camera. You can also create stop-motion movies if you desire, as well as the ability to use continuous shooting on your DSLR to create animated images. You can even create flipbook animations and adjust the framerate of your creation!

The developer of the app warns that viewing animatede gifs in Windows 8 appears to be a bit buggy, but we expect this to be fixed in an update eventually. “Please note viewing animated gifs in Windows 8 is sometimes hit or miss. If it doesn’t appear animated, open the image with Internet Explorer,” the app developer added.

Hit the download link below to snag this cool app from the Windows Store. Its free.

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