Windows Solitaire video game turns 30 today as Microsoft tries to set a new world record

Brad Stephenson

Windows Solitaire video game on an old Windows computer

Microsoft began celebrating the 30th anniversary of its classic Windows Solitaire video game last month with the launch of a series of videos featuring numerous players from around the globe. Now that the day is finally here, the tech giant is ramping things up even more with an ambitious goal to break a world record for the most games played in a single day.

In an official blog post, Microsoft’s Paul Jensen encourages fans of the classic game to download its modern version, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, for free on Windows 10, iOS, or Android and play at least one game during the next 24 hours. It can even be played on the web for those that don’t feel like downloading a new app.

In addition to the new world record attempt, an official Microsoft Solitaire Collection t-shirt and mug has been added to the Microsoft Store for those who are really into this classic title. Funnily enough, we spotted these two new items yesterday when checking out the new Xbox Gear shirts.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is essentially the new version of the classic Windows Solitaire. The game is also completely free and features several classic solo card games but also boast a variety of modern features such as cloud saves, daily challenges, leaderboards, and Xbox achievements. Progress can also sync between devices which means that you can play on your smartphone and Windows device with the same account when at home or work and when on the go.

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