Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 coming sometime this month

Alongside the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft also kicked off a preview for the next version of Windows Server, coming in 2016 and sensibly titled Windows Server 2016. Back in April, Microsoft released a second build of Windows Server 2016, titled Technical Preview 2 and included a number of improvements and features. Today, Gabe Aul has confirmed that a Technical Preview 3 is coming this month.

Gabe was not too specific on the details regarding Technical Preview 3, but we assume it will include a whole bunch of changes and improvements over the last two Technical Preview builds. Furthermore, I also believe the build issued will be one higher than 10240, which is to be expected.

Although we don’t know much about Technical Preview 3, we know many server admins will be eager to test out the latest server bits and deploy it to test systems. Are you a server admin running Windows Server? What are your thoughts on the Windows Server Technical Preview? Let us know below.

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