Windows Server 2012 leaks onto the web ahead of official launch

Our second Windows RTM leak has already occurred, only several hours after the first leak appeared. This time, we get to see Windows Server 2012 on the torrenting websites. It probably isn’t recommended you use this on production servers yet, as there is no way to activate it yet.

As per usual, we will not be linking to download links for this ISO. Windows Server 2012 was build around the Windows 8 foundation, so it includes all the great features that the normal Windows 8 does, plus extra features that Servers will make use of. Windows Server 2012 is expected to launch on the 4th September 2012.

It appears this build hasn’t leaked yet, and that we had been misinformed. A leak is possible, it just hasn’t shown its face yet.

Update 2
Never mind, it appears it has leaked. We will not be giving out links.

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