Windows Phone's Rooms feature to be discontinued next month

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Windows Phone's Rooms to be discontinued next month

Microsoft has just sent an email out confirming that Windows Phone’s Rooms feature will be discontinued in June 2015. After support for the service ends, users will still be able to access their Rooms photo albums, calendars and notes but access to chats will be removed as will the ability to create new Rooms.

The email advises users to save their chats elsewhere before updating beyond Windows Phone 8.1 update if they wish to keep them. This is due to the Rooms feature being completely absent in Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview and eventually Windows Phone 10. Those who have already updated their phone to the Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview can still access their photo albums, calendars and notes either on the web or via other apps on their phone such as One Drive and the standalone Calendar app.

Windows Phone’s Rooms feature allowed users to group contacts to allow for convenient viewing of contact information and group chats. It didn’t prove to be popular though, most likely due to the numerous other apps that provide similar functionality and accessibility for family or friends on non-Windows Phone devices.

Personally I’ve never felt the need to use Rooms. How about you? Is this a feature you’ll miss or one that you’ve yet to use? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks Jonah for the tip!

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