Windows Phone’s market share doubles in UK and Europe, increases worldwide

Windows Phone's market share doubles in UK and Europe, increases worldwide

Figures released by Kantar Worldpanel show that Windows Phone has double in popularity in the UK over the last twelve months. Although still proving to be the third most popular mobile platform behind Android and iOS, Windows Phone’s market share jumped by more than 100 percent in the last year.

Data for the quarter ending November 2012 showed that Windows Phone accounted for just 5.1% of the mobile market, and placed it in fourth position — even behind BlackBerry. Fast forward twelve months to the quarter ending November 2013 and the platform has a 10.8% share of the market.

It’s a similar story in other parts of Europe. In Germany, Windows Phone jumped from 1.9% to 5.7% and in France the increase was from 4.2% to 12.9%. In fact, in every market other than China — where market share did not change over the year — Windows Phone proved more popular in 2013 than in 2012.

Some of these gains can be attributed to BlackBerry users jumping ship, but Apple has also made market share losses in many parts of the world. If things continue on this trajectory, it looks as though 2014 could be a great year for Windows Phone!

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