Windows Phone users love pornography – we won’t judge

Windows Phone users love pornography - we won't judge

Popular porn site, PornHub, released their website statistics for 2014 and they are calling it the year that the globe “decided to take their porn to go”. While watching pornography on the go, doesn’t seem to be a shock, the platform that grew the fastest was a bit of a surprise – Windows Phone.

According to PornHub’s statistics, from 2013 to 2014, the website saw an amazing 52.3% increase in traffic being served to Windows Phone devices. While that number sounds impressive, Windows Phone devices on PornHub only account for 2.6% of total mobile traffic.

What is it about Windows Phone that makes people want to watch porn? Could it be the sexy curves of Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones or maybe that high resolution PureView camera for perfect sensual picture taking? Either way, Windows Phone users love it and we promise not to judge you.

Please note that the VIA link below is served via PornHub and may contain material that is not suitable for minors (not to be confused with miners, unless you are a minor that is a miner).

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