Windows Phone users are more willing to pay for apps compared to those on Android

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Android holds the largest market share when it comes to mobile operating systems, followed by iOS and Windows Phone. But the case is a little different when it comes to spending on apps. According to a new data gathered by Statistic Brain, it seems Windows Phone users are more willing to pay for apps compared to Android, with iOS users being on top of the list.

According to the data collected by Statistic Brain, 62 percent of Android users never paid a dollar for an app, while the number is a little lower for Windows Phone -- currently at 58 percent. Even when you compare the number of downloads on each platform, Android has a whopping 29 billion downloads compared to 4.1 billion on Windows Phone, the difference is massive. In terms of total app store revenue, Android generated $1.2 billion dollars, while the Windows Phone Store racked up $950 million. 

Now, compare the number of downloads and the amount of revenue generated by both app stores. Figured it out yet? Well, if not, I'll do some simple calculations for you. If you check the per download spending on both stores, Android currently resides at $0.04 per app per download while Windows Phone makes almost $0.23 per app per download. Now do you get the difference? It shouldn't matter to you, but for developers, it's a pretty big deal.

iOS is on top of the list with the iTunes App Store generating a whopping  $6.4 billion in revenue in 2013, and suggests iOS users are more willing to pay for apps compared to any other OS in the market. It also lists the Blackberry World statistics where users are least willing to pay for apps, and generated $550 million during the year in app sales revenue in 2013. 

This should give developers a good look at how much users on each operating system are willing to spend, but it was reported in November that the Windows Phone Store reached 3 billion downloads. The more revenue app stores generate, the better it is for the developer as well. So, developing apps for Windows Phone can also help them generate more money as 42 percent of the Windows Phone users in 2013 did spend at least a dollar on an app. 

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